Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Herbal Hair And Skin Care Products

Here are Dr. J.V.S Ayurvedic products, Purely herbal, non-chemical, Free of preservatives and these products are of pure Ayurvedic ancient formula with no side effects.
These products were used as family products, proved effective and now released for the benefit of the public. They are the find outs of “DR.J.V. an Ayurvedic consultant after long research and used in his practice.
AYURVEDIC COCONUT TONIC PREPARATION : Stops hair fall. Checks pre- mature graying, corrects baldness and checks dandruff, gives glossy, black, long and thick hair. Has to be used as hair oil.
AYURVEDIC MASSAGE TONIC PREPARATION : By massaging this hair tonic on your scalp, you will get real refreshment after bath. stop irritation in the eyes. improves vision, acts on root hairs, stops headache, will give good sleep and relax your nervous system. Removes your body heat and keeps you cool & comfortable.
AYURVEDIC GRAY HAIR PACK : For pre-mature graying the above mentioned product is made of black pearl, snailshell, rare ayurvedic herbs, grasses, flowers and nuts. Checks pre-mature graying effectively.
BALDNESS PACK: The above mentioned product is made of a lot of hibiscus flowers, coconut cream mehandi, amla, badham, neem and other ayurvedic drugs.
AYURVEDIC POWDER : Could be used both for body and hair. For body gives smooth shiny surface, fairness and will eradicate all skin problems. Prevents your skin from drying. Removes birth marks and sun burns.
For hair By washing your hair with this powder your hair will become soft, silky and shining. This powder leaves thin natural fragrance in your hair.
AYURVEDIC FACE PACK: Check pimples & black heads, gives fairness remove upper lip and lower chin hair growth (ladies) and makes your face spotless and glowing like a new born baby skin.
ORANGE Toniq: A Combination of oils with selected rare herbs. By using this oil for body massage, excess hair growth will be removed. Improves excellent fairness, will give soft, smooth, spotless marble like skin

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